The Mustang restoration is complete, I think, but I have done additional work on the car to bring her back like she was when I took her off the Show Room Floor.  She is beautiful and is running like a new Mustang.  It has been both thrilling and a challenge restoring the Mustang. These web pages detail what the Mustang look like before and after all the work was done in bringing the Mustang back to New. 

This website will show and detail the restoration of my 1965 Mustang.  Check each step in the restoration and work for updates and pictures.

I am glad to share the pictures and story of the restoration and eventually the celebration of my Mustang looking beautiful again.  I can reached by email and look forward to your comments.          Patrick Mahoney    


I bought my Mustang in February 1965 from Tommy Vaughn Ford in Houston.  She took me through High School, to College at Texas A&M, and so far countless other life experiences and surprises.

Joined the Mustang Club of Houston in April 2009 and attended their Spring Car Show. Saw lots of cool Mustangs, both old and new. Talked to a number of older Mustang Owners (cars that is) and loved looking at the restored cars, the finish, detail and just all the beautiful restoration work. 

The Mustang Club of Houston  is a good Car Club. They welcome new members and are Family oriented.  I was surprised by their many activities.  I recommend it to anyone interested in Mustangs,  being with Mustangs or just talking about Mustangs, new or classic.

I have been “working on” my Mustang for a long time.  Had her repainted in 1982.  The interior was changed out then too.  We used mostly NOS Ford Stock interior and paint.  It was getting scarce then and now almost impossible to find today. They did a good job.  Went through the Nineties having work done on the engine, electrical, gas tank, carburetor and lots of other miscellaneous parts replaced.   The transmission, the carburetor, the air conditioning system were replaced, speedometer, heater core, radio and too many more to list out here were replaced or repaired.  I knew that one day I wanted her to run and look like she did when new. 

After several trips to College Station in the Spring of 2009, which She drove very well, I had to have the front right headlight fixed.  The pot metal had broken and the headlight beam was shinning down about 20 feet in front of the car.  Droopy eyed light  at night. I was referred to Doug Leopold at Classic Collision and Restoration  in Bryan who spoke Mustang, and had some Mustangs on site he was working on and knew my problem.  WOW, I was impressed and had him fix the headlight bracket.  He was reasonable and did a good job. I talked to several paint shops in Houston and while they too, were knowledgeable I was drawn back to Doug. He spoke about restoring older cars for Owners who had a special attachment to them. That was certainly me.  Talked to him about doing the work and he gave a good explanation and review of how he would proceed with restoring my Mustang. 

I talked it over with my Mustang and we decided that if she still looked this good after 45+ years, then She would look spectacular after restoration for the next 45 years.  Sounds a little crazy, talking to a car, but I believe She understands and tells me in her own way what She thinks or wants.


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